Long time no postage

well i’m sorry for the long hiatus.

however having limited internet and researching the best way to launch a self sustaining home and  business have taken up a fair chunk of my time.

so what have i done in the past year i havent updated you all on?

well i got a spinning wheel ( yes i know i said previously you wouldn’t see me dead using one but i have a nice little upright a bargain from savers)

I’ve learnt how to process some of my own fiber!

that’s a mixed fiber ( merino and a meat sheep)

I’m living with my two monsters Wooster and Jeeves who often help me with my spinning projects.

I’ve produced scarves hats and what not and sold them on my eBay

I’ve also done soft projects and jewelry

trying out what i like what i don’t like these are stitch markers!


and lastly on my spinning i’m trying to get enough money to start learning to weave! if youd like to help please click on the following link

oh and before i forget i’m involved this year in fiber share!

which i hope will be exciting and awesome!


as always be sure to watch and keep an eye on my insta and my facebook page



keep crafting

The other girl


Resolutions. And other such mid year ideas




the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action,method, procedure, etc.

well April has rolled around Easter has come and gone leaving its stomach aches and cavities .

Here in aus its the herald of winter the colder months of the year. However the shorter colder days often bring nothing but rain and the occasional “ starving” animal to my parents front yard.


Of course when I say starving as you can see there very fat and happy

im still as you can imagine at my parents.. I love them dearly but in having lived away from them for so long (almost 6 years) I have lost my “space” and have taken over areas of the house and shed with my items.. not ideal as you can imagine.

But it also puts a strain on my parents as well.

as such I have made a few resolutions.

I need to use up my crafting surplus.

you might have seen my listings on ebay of some finished items

if not heres one of them.


and another.


I do hope they sell. Perfect hand made gifts for mothers days or birthdays 🙂

My second is to launch a colouring in book for adults… well more of a magazine. My hope is to have it retail at or around the $15 dollar mark.. * fingers crossed*

but all in all no new crafts until I can fight through my back log.


yep I know its going to be hard but fingers crossed.

In other notes I went and attended the violet town “honey suckle festival”.

Within the first few seconds I found a reindeer hide not a bad price at $250 a hide. (these hides where big enough for a double bed) and a lady selling beads this is her face book page nothing listed just yet on there.

But these where some of the beauties I picked up.

There was also these sculptures ( rust with you?)

then other stores there where a lot of artists around selling there wares and I would heartily suggest it. However I don’t suggest bring prams or wheelchairs..

nor do I condone people who dawdle or stop right in the middle of major walking areas.

And I absolutely hate people who hip and shoulder me.

Those are my pet peeves at markets..

i’m still uncertain if I should go down the markets road..

I just don’t think my products are unique enough.. or the right price for small markets..

I will continue my research and see what happens 🙂

the bonnie roving




  1. the act or process of converting staple or short lengths of fiber, ascotton or rayon, into continuous yarn or thread.
  2. the extrusion of a solution of fiber-forming substances through holesin a spinneret to form filaments.

firstly let me say my apologies my regular blog kind of went of the way side. it is hard to maintain a creative influence in a toxic environment. I’m now re-stationed at my parents as my ex boyfreind ran out and left me with a 5000 dollar  debt. but enough on things i cannot change.

recently i got given a bag of wool tops, fleece and roving in multiple colours… of course i looked at it and went how am i going to use this technicolor bag of wonder?! of course  i do not like to felt roving or bats. i think there to pretty for such a task and felting is something that should be reserved for the old jumpers from your local op shop or hand-me downs.

However i had spun yarn previously, just 2 plys together to make 4 plys the cheap wool from your local craft shop ( you know your 0.90 cent balls? yeap i found a usefor them!) etc etc nothing so complex as roving or bats.

when i talk spinning i’m not talking ye oldey spinning wheel that  dear old cindy pricked her finger on.  such a image of burning spindles are things of horrifying fairy tales. or such physical items that only witches would use ( i’m sure some more of my feminist friends will murder me for posting up such items 😛 )

ye oldy wheel depicted via a witchy!

I do drop spindling ,its  a more portable way of spinning. trains and cars are now my spinning hubs or outside watching the sheep go past and i love the variance i can get in my yarn! i’ll trade that old spinning wheel for one of these any day!

check this spindle out from sevenyaks in cleveland ohio amazing!-https://www.etsy.com/listing/114858017/drop-spindle-celtic-dogs?ref=related-2

pretty huh?

considering i’m now living in the wool belt of district of Victoria Australia it seems fitting i’m now producing wool and yarn.

this is my first go!

the first ball

the first ball

i love the result this is a mix of yarn and silk i can wait to crochet this up!

however your probably looking at this going how do i start?!

well firstly YouTube is the greatest resource.

secondly see if you can look up your local spinning group there’s a great girls and guys out there trying to keep this craft alive and who can blame them?

this great meditative craft is simply amazing. not to mention going back to basics! i love crafts that just are so open and environmentally friendly and sustainable. and you dont have to use wool!


following is a pinterest search for all you piners!

happy crafting (or spinning)

the other girl

Winter warms



1.needlework done with a needle having a small 

hook at one end for drawing the thread or 

yarn through intertwined loops.

With the colder weather starting to hit Victoria, (Aus) I started up a old hobby.  Now i’ve never been a knitter but i can definitely say I’m a hooker, and no its not what your thinking.  I’m talking about crochet.

I can always remember the crocheted blanket my parents had, for some reason I had always thought my mum had done this but in fact my father won it at a raffle. It’s still around to this day and has survived so many moves and two growing kids.  Such items become heirlooms.

Yarn now comes in all shapes, colours and more animals then from the back of a sheep! It is much more advanced then the scratchy wool jumpers from yesteryear. Also with the introduction of the internet, youtube and pintrest it makes learning so simple.  Plus it also keeps your knees warm  and adds that “heirloom element” to a home!

I’ve started to teach my sister on basic stitches and bargain bin yarn. Telling her to go exploring armed with a crochet hook.  (I’m yet to inform her of the countless doctor who crochet around )

If your like my sister and a novice or a experienced hooker. A few boards i’d recommend are;

if your still learning or after new funky stitches

  1. http://www.crochettoday.com/how-to
  2. http://newstitchaday.com/

theres also some great sites for fellow knitters and crocheters.

yup thats me! Feel free to add me on there!
As for what i’ve done. I’m still learning as well
i’ve made;

2 Lap blanket

a close up of one of the corners

a close up of one of the corners

this lives on our bed head for easy access

this lives on our bed head for easy access

would’n be a true blanket with out one of the cats taking a moment to sit on it

3 lots of crocheted little birds

little birds like this guy maybe a “angry bird?”

4 A in progress crocheted blanket.

still a in progress shot!

double crochet brick stitch

double crochet brick stitch

How do I crochet? I start with my wool.  I’m  a resource manic I hate waste so I’m always in bargain bins or in opshops. I’m currently working with a last season’s wool called Snowden by moda vera (this is the project above).

It works out cheaper to use a bargain basement yarn when you start and your reducing the landfill of waste to.

I then will google a crocheted pattern or stitch. (My favorite is a double crochet in the recess). Or pick a new pattern/ stitch I want to learn. Pick a movie or a series from my ever growing to watch list, and go.

I wonder if I could crochet a few of these guys .. 

not all of my projects work out but I see them to the end.

If you’d still love crochet but find your self unable to theres plenty of creative people on etsy willing to help supply you with unique crocheted items


if your still new to etsy how about signing up? simply click or type this link in to your address bar  http://etsy.me/1q9OpKD . to get  $5 towards your first purchase.  It also supports me.

if your in Australia also check out http://madeit.com.au/

well, I have to go and finish that big old blanket that will be my heirloom piece.

happy creating

A world of colour



1.a bow or arc of prismatic colors appearing in the heavens 
opposite the sun and caused by therefraction and reflection 

of the sun’s rays in drops of rain. 

have you ever picked up a piece of fabric or paint but never been able to match it?
I know I have.
let me tell you a story I have this roll of amazing orange duchess satin  I picked up for a steal I think it was 10 the roll. However I have never been able to match it so it’s sat alone and dejected in my back room slightly waiting for the day I use it.
Now, there is a old joke about how oranges cant rhyme. but picking a colour to suit this orange was beyond me.
that was until I remembered this wonderful sites.
http://colorschemedesigner.com/ recreates a colour wheel online. creating virtually instant matches of monochromatic, complementary and triad colours. simple and amazing!
http://design-seeds.com/ several colour swatch cards based on photos,  great to help pick colours or to start new projects. I love the colour finder! I love this site!
http://sarahhearts.com/category/color-palettes/ another swatch site not as in depth as Design-seeds though.
Now I think a lovely peacock blue to match my bright orange stain? don’t you think 🙂
Or maybe a few cushions for cuddles.. hmm
Happy crafting

of material obsessions

the state of being obsessed with someone or something.

“she cared for him with a devotion bordering on obsession”

Melbourne has many treasures from lane way bars to art works hidden in the maze that is the city.
one of these very old treasures if you look through its dust windows between gaps in the  yellowed newspaper.
is Jobs warehouse.
photo courtesy of jason patrick boag

photo courtesy of jason patrick boag

photo courtesy of jason patrick boag

photo courtesy of jason patrick boag

It stands as one of Melbourne’s oldest fabric stores. I remember walking in there as a little girl and seeing rolls upon rolls of fabric to the roof.

On Monday the 9th of june i was able to return.  An despite many people fill boots, trailers, vans and roof racks. There was still hundreds upon thousands of meters of fabric left in store. Unfortunately there was also the lingering odour of water damage, mice and pigeon.

Although nobody could complain for fabric for $ 10 a roll $ 5 a half roll and $ 2 for damaged.

Its a shame to see it go as this but I suggest if your a local melbournian keeping a eye on this one. As there was rumours of another sale.

happy crafting

soft furnishings fun



1.a soft bag of cloth, leather, or rubber, filled with feathers, 

air, foam rubber, etc., on which to sit,kneel, or lie.

I’m not going to lie,  I love to snuggle up on my couch with my two monsters ( three if you include the boyfriend) under a warm snuggly blanket ( maybe even one you’ve crotched with heaps of cushions and watch a movie or a new series.

I also love cushion forts (who doesn’t?).
Cushions add a world of colour and are very simple to make and do.
Pintrest has a heap of cushions for you to be inspired about.
look at these cute birds!
or this simple but effective branch!
how could you not be in love with these little ones?
Sorry its hard not to get a bit side tracked. My favourite how tos/ DIY blogs for cushions are as follows.
  1. http://lifeloveandhiccups.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/how-to-make-easiest-cushions-ever.html simple amazing cushions without a zip!
  2. http://www.texascottageblog.com/2011/08/easy-envelope-pillow-covers.html very in-depth photos!
  3. http://thefashionworkshop.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/tutorial-how-to-make-animal-silhouette.htmlloving these silhouette cushion covers!
  4. http://thelongthread.com/?p=7370 i’m in love with these little tooth pillows! best idea for little ones!

I’ll  be posting a link to all my cushions when I finish them off!

happy creating