Long time no postage

well i’m sorry for the long hiatus.

however having limited internet and researching the best way to launch a self sustaining home and  business have taken up a fair chunk of my time.

so what have i done in the past year i havent updated you all on?

well i got a spinning wheel ( yes i know i said previously you wouldn’t see me dead using one but i have a nice little upright a bargain from savers)

I’ve learnt how to process some of my own fiber!

that’s a mixed fiber ( merino and a meat sheep)

I’m living with my two monsters Wooster and Jeeves who often help me with my spinning projects.

I’ve produced scarves hats and what not and sold them on my eBay

I’ve also done soft projects and jewelry

trying out what i like what i don’t like these are stitch markers!


and lastly on my spinning i’m trying to get enough money to start learning to weave! if youd like to help please click on the following link

oh and before i forget i’m involved this year in fiber share!

which i hope will be exciting and awesome!


as always be sure to watch and keep an eye on my insta and my facebook page



keep crafting

The other girl