Resolutions. And other such mid year ideas




the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action,method, procedure, etc.

well April has rolled around Easter has come and gone leaving its stomach aches and cavities .

Here in aus its the herald of winter the colder months of the year. However the shorter colder days often bring nothing but rain and the occasional “ starving” animal to my parents front yard.

Of course when I say starving as you can see there very fat and happy

im still as you can imagine at my parents.. I love them dearly but in having lived away from them for so long (almost 6 years) I have lost my “space” and have taken over areas of the house and shed with my items.. not ideal as you can imagine.

But it also puts a strain on my parents as well.

as such I have made a few resolutions.

I need to use up my crafting surplus.

you might have seen my listings on ebay of some finished items

if not heres one of them.

and another.

I do hope they sell. Perfect hand made gifts for mothers days or birthdays 🙂

My second is to launch a colouring in book for adults… well more of a magazine. My hope is to have it retail at or around the $15 dollar mark.. * fingers crossed*

but all in all no new crafts until I can fight through my back log.

yep I know its going to be hard but fingers crossed.

In other notes I went and attended the violet town “honey suckle festival”.

Within the first few seconds I found a reindeer hide not a bad price at $250 a hide. (these hides where big enough for a double bed) and a lady selling beads this is her face book page nothing listed just yet on there.

But these where some of the beauties I picked up.

There was also these sculptures ( rust with you?)

then other stores there where a lot of artists around selling there wares and I would heartily suggest it. However I don’t suggest bring prams or wheelchairs..

nor do I condone people who dawdle or stop right in the middle of major walking areas.

And I absolutely hate people who hip and shoulder me.

Those are my pet peeves at markets..

i’m still uncertain if I should go down the markets road..

I just don’t think my products are unique enough.. or the right price for small markets..

I will continue my research and see what happens 🙂


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