the bonnie roving




  1. the act or process of converting staple or short lengths of fiber, ascotton or rayon, into continuous yarn or thread.
  2. the extrusion of a solution of fiber-forming substances through holesin a spinneret to form filaments.

firstly let me say my apologies my regular blog kind of went of the way side. it is hard to maintain a creative influence in a toxic environment. I’m now re-stationed at my parents as my ex boyfreind ran out and left me with a 5000 dollar  debt. but enough on things i cannot change.

recently i got given a bag of wool tops, fleece and roving in multiple colours… of course i looked at it and went how am i going to use this technicolor bag of wonder?! of course  i do not like to felt roving or bats. i think there to pretty for such a task and felting is something that should be reserved for the old jumpers from your local op shop or hand-me downs.

However i had spun yarn previously, just 2 plys together to make 4 plys the cheap wool from your local craft shop ( you know your 0.90 cent balls? yeap i found a usefor them!) etc etc nothing so complex as roving or bats.

when i talk spinning i’m not talking ye oldey spinning wheel that  dear old cindy pricked her finger on.  such a image of burning spindles are things of horrifying fairy tales. or such physical items that only witches would use ( i’m sure some more of my feminist friends will murder me for posting up such items 😛 )

ye oldy wheel depicted via a witchy!

I do drop spindling ,its  a more portable way of spinning. trains and cars are now my spinning hubs or outside watching the sheep go past and i love the variance i can get in my yarn! i’ll trade that old spinning wheel for one of these any day!

check this spindle out from sevenyaks in cleveland ohio amazing!-

pretty huh?

considering i’m now living in the wool belt of district of Victoria Australia it seems fitting i’m now producing wool and yarn.

this is my first go!

the first ball

the first ball

i love the result this is a mix of yarn and silk i can wait to crochet this up!

however your probably looking at this going how do i start?!

well firstly YouTube is the greatest resource.

secondly see if you can look up your local spinning group there’s a great girls and guys out there trying to keep this craft alive and who can blame them?

this great meditative craft is simply amazing. not to mention going back to basics! i love crafts that just are so open and environmentally friendly and sustainable. and you dont have to use wool!


following is a pinterest search for all you piners!

happy crafting (or spinning)

the other girl


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