Winter warms



1.needlework done with a needle having a small 

hook at one end for drawing the thread or 

yarn through intertwined loops.

With the colder weather starting to hit Victoria, (Aus) I started up a old hobby.  Now i’ve never been a knitter but i can definitely say I’m a hooker, and no its not what your thinking.  I’m talking about crochet.

I can always remember the crocheted blanket my parents had, for some reason I had always thought my mum had done this but in fact my father won it at a raffle. It’s still around to this day and has survived so many moves and two growing kids.  Such items become heirlooms.

Yarn now comes in all shapes, colours and more animals then from the back of a sheep! It is much more advanced then the scratchy wool jumpers from yesteryear. Also with the introduction of the internet, youtube and pintrest it makes learning so simple.  Plus it also keeps your knees warm  and adds that “heirloom element” to a home!

I’ve started to teach my sister on basic stitches and bargain bin yarn. Telling her to go exploring armed with a crochet hook.  (I’m yet to inform her of the countless doctor who crochet around )

If your like my sister and a novice or a experienced hooker. A few boards i’d recommend are;

if your still learning or after new funky stitches


theres also some great sites for fellow knitters and crocheters.

yup thats me! Feel free to add me on there!
As for what i’ve done. I’m still learning as well
i’ve made;

2 Lap blanket

a close up of one of the corners

a close up of one of the corners

this lives on our bed head for easy access

this lives on our bed head for easy access

would’n be a true blanket with out one of the cats taking a moment to sit on it

3 lots of crocheted little birds

little birds like this guy maybe a “angry bird?”

4 A in progress crocheted blanket.

still a in progress shot!

double crochet brick stitch

double crochet brick stitch

How do I crochet? I start with my wool.  I’m  a resource manic I hate waste so I’m always in bargain bins or in opshops. I’m currently working with a last season’s wool called Snowden by moda vera (this is the project above).

It works out cheaper to use a bargain basement yarn when you start and your reducing the landfill of waste to.

I then will google a crocheted pattern or stitch. (My favorite is a double crochet in the recess). Or pick a new pattern/ stitch I want to learn. Pick a movie or a series from my ever growing to watch list, and go.

I wonder if I could crochet a few of these guys .. 

not all of my projects work out but I see them to the end.

If you’d still love crochet but find your self unable to theres plenty of creative people on etsy willing to help supply you with unique crocheted items

if your still new to etsy how about signing up? simply click or type this link in to your address bar . to get  $5 towards your first purchase.  It also supports me.

if your in Australia also check out

well, I have to go and finish that big old blanket that will be my heirloom piece.

happy creating


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