Ephemera -mania


 “things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
ie . items of collectible memorabilia,
typically written or printed ones,
that were originally expected to have
only short-term usefulness or popularity.”

I love brown paper packages wrapped in string.
of old bookstores with a resident cat  contently purring happily in the shop window.
the smell of coffee and the texture of embossed paper and hand written letters.
there is something more human to this then the hum – drum of computers, email and blogs.
however the human element requires a person to send and receive mail from.
the idea of sharing these human things makes me ecstatic.  hence why i’m on



There are plenty of what to do and not to do’s when you get started theres even a list on the about page. you can send virtually anything  and everything from complex profile surprise swaps to flat swaps!

(of course if sending internationally you have to make sure your “envie” will get to your swap partner)

but everything is easy to read and be explained and theres a heap of support on the forums!

this is a idea of some of the items that you happen to get when you swap


this is not only ideas and dreams of stuff id love to get but also of what id love to give.

I love swapbot.  it makes the trip to the mailbox a happy experience.

heres a idea of a swap i just mailed out to my swap partner


i do hope they like it

happy crafting


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