of new movings artspaces and furry things

well we moved again, sigh. the drama that is life I suppose however this time I got the space to create my own space a ROOM with a DOOR and a WINDOW!

anyway I thought I’d show you a couple of photos of my new digs.

“this is my chair”

Its only a single room space but it works out for now.  btw the cat isn’t mine his my housemates… and the two chairs are for a shared crafting space if we want to.

all my sewing machines are in this lot here

all my sewing machines are in this lot here

space underneath has been somewhat utilized for fabric storage.

the GIANT drafting desk… pain the but to move!!!

this big old boy dominates the room its my drafting desk… so heavy it takes 3 people to move the bugger…. >_> but it has heaps of leg room…so much so a cardboard cat condo has moved in underneath it.

the rest of the storage space.

so this is the basket storage for my multiple dive in things i want to do the closet to the desk side is full to the brim with scraps… the ones closet to the wall are filled with papers…

this is my message wall, I want to fill this up eventually

This continuing up is the message wall I still have some items to add to this, but underneath will be my bookshelf as well.

so that massive pile is the still to go pile….

The rest of the room still looks a bit like this… however storage and sorting are the major issues at play here.

so some in the process things are as follows

little paper clips this is for a awesome idea i’ll have to show you all later on. ;)

and finally Oddie, Oddie is the first of my soft sculptures and is currently missing his eyes jewels and arm….his my first major push to use up scraps sitting in my room…

te master of the craft dominion

well thats all for now, night cranes!



silly-cone freeeee

point of reference its my second week (now) being silicone free shampoo wise…  you can read more here about this (http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/ingredients/10-silicones-in-curly-hair-products-to-avoid) saves the two long blog posts in one night.

review -So You’ve Decided To Host An Orgy

review -So You’ve Decided To Host An Orgy

Sometimes when your on a budget, your young and well in a relationship its nice to have a bit of “couple time”. But with movies and the theater being so expensive its hard to get that couple time while sticking to a budget.

well the Melbourne comedy fest has just hit Melbourne, some Brainy in there department was smart enough to do the “Cheapskate Tuesday” ticket BRILLIANT! ( I think there’s ones for students/concessions also).

so my partner and I decided to catch a “cheapskate” night out.

the event/night as follows

We prebooked some tickets to see a show in the Melbourne comedy show.

“So You’ve Decided To Host An Orgy”, (http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2012/season/shows/so-you-ve-decided-to-host-an-orgy-less-intellectual-comedy/) with Avi & Bleeser.

I have know Avi for a few years and personal deference’s a ex and stupid amounts of drama ( none of his fault/ or being attached too) meant I had not kept in contact. ( him not being the only one effected by my “hermiting” of this “scene”)

so firstly  as can be expected I wasn’t so keen at first to go. however, Nik ( the adorable other half) persuaded and we decided to go.

around 9 we  walked out of our apartment ( yes on Spencer so no nasty train trips or myki’s stealing your secret data) to the fad galley.

Arriving half hour too early, we ducked into Shanghai dumplings (http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/761716/restaurant/CBD/Shanghai-Village-Dumpling-Melbourne), Basically dumplings (10- 20) for under 15 dollars.. so its always a good cheap feed. at  9.40 we left the dumpling house bellies full of delicious dumpling and arrived there around 9.50 ish walked back to fad (http://www.fadgallery.com.au/web/).I was kept a bit entertained by the pictures/ atmosphere whilst the show was set up. now here’s where I get to be very short but It was funny, hazardously funny the funny that leaves you in hernia/ no breathing stages of laughter. The show was presented  as a very well informed with hysterics included, every thing from numbers to toys you name it…. TENTACLE.. yes ( I suggest you watch the show to find that one out.) However not a show for the young ones but definitely one for the partners, bucks, bride to bes and anyone open minded. and sexually active.

also as another point of reference tickets are still for sale ( as far as a I know) but word will spreed fast so if you don’t want to miss out book your self in. I will chuck the quick sketch up I did after the show in the next few days. I have been flat out like a cat on a hot tin roof  … maybe not the best turn of phrase well never mind






I made these ones yesterday there boylegs out of a cotton knit, offically the second time I have made. underwear and they fit well ( apart from being a little big in the crotch) and they are stupidly comfie… i’ll proberbly  up load then next pair and will have the pattern i used for sale up on my etsy and make a 1/2 yard cut and sew on my spoonflower.


sigh life dramas

well i’m knee deep in it again. and wanting to just gett away from the world for 6 months. being a unemployed non government supported student I cant afford to, what makes it worse my mac (which was only fixed a couple of months ago if less) RANDOMLY SHUTS OFF!! and I lose everything I’ve been working on… my WD mac hard drive power cord is missing presumed stolen (wont get in to that one) and I don’t have the money to replace that or to take the mac to the store again espically since its over in doncaster!


i know i’m going to get the HERRRRRDEERRPPPS you bought a mac live with it. but I’ll put it to you like this, I was using mac at uni at the time, no choice for PC based laptops. I’m still using mac at this tafe course, and as it is the graphic design industy standard computer I would have 95% of having corupted files taking it to a pc from a mac. lastly it was my parents gift for getting to uni. so sentimental value.  it irriates the hell out of me when people go “eww you got a mac…” seriously pull your head out of the motherloving ground. there are some industries and teaching collages who use it as standard

you have to see this

well hand-in for the self introduction project today ugh.. i’ll make a better one another time but in looking through some research i found a post in Philinthecircles youtube account.

seeing the german shep made me teary as i cant have pets where i live.

anyway check it out

handmade envies! moving! Clean out!

I loveeee recycling! As a artist I see so much waste and how things can be reused into items or peices. I recently discovered handmade envelopes. Its amazing what and how many envelopes you can make with a magazine, a newspaper or some waste paper and cards I have made quite a selection of little envelopes so many I’ve organised them into selling stacks on etsy. (If your intrested check out my etsy http://www.etsy.com/karmacrane) If your wondering how I make them out of newspaper or a0 sheets I have a simple guide

1. Divide and Conquer! Divide your page up in to fourths! Now cut the bleed print edge this is the waste area of your page. Then cut the forths.

2. Know when to fold them! Start folding your envelopes there are plenty of tutorials out there on google and the best idea if you have a favourite envelope use it as a template!

3.Double or Nothing! With some types of newspaper and magazines you might need reinforce it so double the paper up with the construction of the envelope.

4. Tape!Tape!Tape! Double sided tape I find works best with envies it stays put and hardly moves!

Know I am on the verge of moving again finding a place with my partner so I will not be doing many swaps but I’ll keep people as updated as I can. and swaping whereever possible!

Now Ive started organising for the move using the 3 box techinquie.

1 Box. Keep.

2 Box. Throw.

3 Box. Swap/sell/donate.

so wish us luck Miss Karmacranes

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